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Storage Services

Objects are used in many different ways in many different places in daily life. It is not even possible to imagine a life without furniture, but regardless of the nature of the goods, whether they are used at home or in the workplace, storage services are required, even for a temporary period.

It is not possible for people to keep their belongings with them at that moment. Being able to live in another place for a while, renovating the existing building, purchasing new items, but not being able to decide what to do with the old ones makes this service necessary. This is exactly where our company, DYS Logistics, comes into play and with all its expertise, it provides you with special storage services in short or long-term, extremely modern, constantly cleaned, camera-monitored storage areas in world norms. Our company’s storage areas are areas that comply with all relevant standards.

How Do We Serve?

When those who want to receive storage services make such an application to us, the appropriate storage area for the goods to be stored is determined jointly with our customer. Subsequently, after determining how long the goods will be stored, a contract is made with our customers that secures both parties. Afterwards, your belongings that will be stored on the specified day and time will be brought to the storage area without any additional charge. The goods are packed in a way that will not be damaged and placed in the storage area by our experienced and expert personnel.

About Our Storage Prices

If it is necessary to give information about our prices for storage services at this stage, let’s say right away that the money part of the business does not intimidate you. We consider your economic conditions in terms of pricing and provide services with low profit shares. There are certain criteria that determine our prices. The first of these is how long the storage service will be received. When considered on a monthly basis for long-term storage, our figures are much more appropriate. Another criterion that determines my prices is what kind of goods will be stored. Accordingly, our figures vary depending on parameters such as the total area that the goods will cover, whether there is a risky product or not.

When it comes to payment, you can pay monthly or in advance. We have a discount for paying in advance. Finally, if you need to clarify how you can pay, you have options such as cash payment, transfer to our account, payment by credit card. You also have the opportunity to pay by choosing the most suitable one among them.

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