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In its simple definition, transportation means that any product is picked up from the requested place and delivered to another place without any damage within a certain period of time. The product is delivered, shipping information is given and it is requested to be delivered to the shipping address as soon as possible. Air transport actually performs exactly the same function. There are significant differences between them according to road, rail and sea transportation. The first of these is the shorter delivery time. In addition, air transport provides the opportunity to make deliveries to longer distances by saving time. Generally, air transport is used for shipping to different countries in today’s conditions. Air transport is seen as a kind of international transport.

Air transport, which is frequently preferred by large companies, has now become an indispensable point in the logistics sector. Most of the companies that provide electronic products prefer air transportation, which provides the safe transportation of more sensitive products. Thus, it provides a commercial opportunity internationally. It provides safe product shipment to all over the world.

Services Offered by Air Freight

Product spare parts

Home and general textile products

flammable substances

electronic goods

white goods

fruit and vegetable products


Valuable documents


All kinds of import and export products

Thanks to air transportation, which is one of the fastest types of transportation, we can easily deliver all your transfers, whether small or large, to all over the world. On behalf of your productivity, we, as Dys Logistics, closely follow all current developments in terms of air transport and continue to improve ourselves in every field. From the delivery of the product to the delivery to the end user, we follow your cargo meticulously and ensure that it reaches it safely.

Advantages of Air Freight

The most important advantage of air transport is seen as speed. Along with the logistics sector, the development of technology has started to provide the opportunity to offer advantages other than speed. Another of these is the advantage of safe transportation. Compared to other types of transport, air transport has faced very few problems in terms of security. Air transport, which offers a great advantage especially in emergency product transportation, delivers your products to all over the world as soon as possible, regardless of distance.

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