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The transfer of a good or service to a desired destination in the country or abroad by road is called road transport. Thanks to the developing automotive industry in the 20th century, it has become even more prominent and rapidly increasing. Road transport, which can be preferred commercially or individually, provides fast and safe delivery of products to the desired location.

Benefits of Road Transport

The most important feature in road transport is that it provides more efficiency in short distances compared to sea and air transport. The short distance not only increases the speed of the product reaching the desired location but also reduces the cost.

Looking at the world, the uninterrupted transportation infrastructure of the highways also facilitates the highway transportation.

Road transport allows loading and transporting every day and every hour of the week. By following different routes, it is possible to transport more than one product to different addresses at once.

By insuring the products to be transported, it insures the customer against possible damages and possible loss.

Road transport can also be used together with other types of transport. The name of this type of transportation is intermodal transportation. After a product set out by road transport, it can be transferred to the sea route, airway or railway. At this point, it is very important to draw a planned route. With a properly planned route, there is a chance to save time and more affordable prices arise in terms of cost.

Loading plan

The loading plan is a road map that takes into account the delivery, types and routes of the products to be transported. The order in which the load will be placed on the vehicle, where it will be delivered, the first address and the last address order are all in the loading plan.

The points to be considered while making the loading plan are as follows;

Structural types of products to be transported; such as liquid products, flammable products, gas products.

The type and characteristics of the vehicle that will carry the product; such as length, height, height.

Information on the products and packaging types to be transported; such as weight, size.

Types of features related to the stacking of products; suitability for stacking.

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