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Business life is like an endless ocean and there are many different kinds of jobs that appeal to very different expectations. As a matter of fact, consulting is one of these areas, and although it may seem simple from the outside, it is an extremely comprehensive business area. It is also divided into sub-headings within itself. We, as DYS Danışmanlık, provide consultancy services in the fields mentioned below as a comprehensive and leading company in its field.

In Which Areas Do We Consult?

First of all, we need to state that DYS is a logistics company and provides services in an area with extremely comprehensive subheadings such as logistics, based in Istanbul. In the field of logistics, we work in areas such as road, air, sea, while we also work in foreign trade, customs clearance and storage areas. DYS Consulting is a company that has been providing services in a very wide area in the sector for many years and provides consultancy in all these areas because it works with a professional approach without compromising its corporate line.

We provide consultancy services to the smallest detail for those who will enter the logistics sector for the first time. In addition, we also provide consultancy services to those who need service in this field, whether they receive any kind of service from us or not. We are proud to share all our knowledge and experience in our field with you. We work with an expert and trained team in every field. All the people and institutions we consult today, it is possible to go much further. After all, consulting service is a very special service area.

How Do We Work as a Consulting Firm?

As DYS Consulting, when you come with such an application, first of all, our experts in the field make all the investigations about you, that is, they carry out a kind of feasibility study. Then, in line with your wishes, special consultancy services are started to be given to you. In our consultancy services, a suitable consultant is assigned to you and you start receiving uninterrupted service from this consultant.

Before the consultancy service starts, a consultancy contract with bilateral binding elements is signed and services are provided in accordance with it. Of course, by signing a confidentiality agreement and a declaration of impartiality. Our prices are extremely affordable.

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