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International transportation is all kinds of transportation from one country to another by land, sea, air and rail. In today’s world, international trade and travel is almost a necessity. Since no country can meet its own needs entirely within its own structure, it has to trade with other countries and buy and sell goods. At this point, international transportation is indispensable for all countries of the world. International transportation is done by four methods.

Land Transportation: It is the most preferred method for international transportation. It has the advantage of being faster than other transportation methods except air, and its disadvantage is that it is frequently affected by weather conditions, traffic and environmental factors. The most important advantage of land transportation is that it provides door-to-door service. The risk of loss and damage to the goods on the way is low. Easy transportation is provided to areas that cannot be reached by other methods. Requires less packaging. Highway transports; It is used to feed and supplement air, sea and rail transport. Among the disadvantages, the risk of vehicle breakdown and accident is higher than other methods. Long-distance transportation of large and cheap products is not cost-effective.
Sea Freight: It is the transportation of goods from one country to another by loading them on ships. The fact that it is accessible not only from country to country, but also from continent to continent is the reason for preference for the transportation of industrial goods. A large part of world trade is carried out by sea.

Considering that three quarters of the world consists of water, it is widely used.

It is preferred between countries with a coastline, especially for the transportation of heavy loads. It is slower than other modes of transport, but is quite safe and cost-effective.

Railway Transportation: It is the transportation made on specially laid rails. Along with sea transportation; It is an advantage that it is low cost and safe. The downside is that it only requires railway infrastructure. Being less affected by international transportation, railway, weather conditions and being regular can be counted among the advantages. Among the disadvantages; The inability to move door-to-door can cause problems with delivery.
Air Freight: It is very suitable for the transport of small, sensitive and highly perishable cargoes. It is undoubtedly the fastest method. Although it has been following an increasing trend in recent years, it is a little more expensive than other methods in terms of cost. Today, logistics companies also perform services such as customs clearance and storage during the transportation of the goods. Due to the structure of the system, it has fast customs procedures. Compared to other methods of air transport, the damage rate of the cargoes and the accident risk of the aircraft are very low.

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