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When transportation or cargo is mentioned, you will see many different shipping options. Air transport, maritime transport, rail transport, road transport are types of transport that allow you to transport your product from one place to another. Maritime transport is one of the most preferred modes of transport today. Maritime transport ; It is a type of transportation in which the products that are mostly preferred in international shipments are sent at the desired time by transferring them between ports by seaway.

It is a job that requires meticulous planning in terms of planning. Transactions must be carried out by a professional team. Many factors that will affect the transportation date of the product, such as the periods to be given to the customer, the duration of the transactions, the transition between countries, should be carefully reviewed and the customer should be given that date.

There are currently 4600 ports worldwide. 100 of them are of great importance in terms of maritime transport. Most of the transportation services are carried out between these ports.

Load Types

As in every type of transportation, there are certain cargo transportation criteria for maritime transportation. To list the main ones;

Import and export shipments

All kinds of transit transports to be made with Turkey transfer

Private container transportation

Domestic distribution

General cargo transportation; transportation of all kinds of normal cargo products.

Transport of industrial ingredients; construction materials, raw materials can be found.

Types of Sea Freight

When maritime transport is examined according to the types of voyages, two different types of voyages are encountered. The first of these is what we call regular transportation. In regular transportation, it proceeds with a certain route within a certain plan. It is carried out between predetermined ports. The occupancy rate of this type of ship, whose schedule is determined before each shipment, does not matter.

Another type of voyage is irregular transport. Irregular transport does not stick to a particular route. It works by going wherever it finds a load to be transported in the world. It carries loads all over the world. There is no order or program.

Dangerous goods transportation; It is a type of maritime transport that is generally intended to transport petroleum-derived flammable products. It is one of the easiest and most preferred methods for shipping flammable products to international long distances. Another reason for preference is that it is very safe to transport by sea.

Container transportation; It is one of the most preferred types in the seaway. It allows the transportation of products with more quantity at more affordable costs. It is the most preferred shipping method from the international commercial point of view.

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